• Can A New Mattress Hurt Your Back

Can A New Mattress Hurt Your Back?

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Can A New Mattress Hurt Your Back?

‘Oh! my back aches and hurts me severely..’ this expression is the common sight in every morning for the back pain sufferers.

Probably, you’ve got an experience with an old mattress for its poor back support and less comfort. And now you are thinking to buy a new one to meet up your demand of the proper spine support with a dreamy sleep at night.

Also, you are more consciously finding the way out of getting rid of the problem by placing a new bed under your back. Now you are searching for a satisfactory answer of the question-can a new mattress hurt your back?’

Currently, choosing the best mattress from the wide variety of beds may be a difficult task. Here you need an analytical research. We put an all-out effort to provide you with the most informative and well- researched answer to the topic.

An Overview of a New Mattress

A brand new mattress has some particular behaviors-

  • It takes nearly 30 -60 days to fully expand
  • The bed may not provide you with the desired comfort and accurate spine support
  • You may feel too firm or too soft
  • Your partner’s movement wake you up at midnight
  • It needs some time to dissipate the odd odor

Despite these negative aspects, sleeping on a brand new mattress fascinates you with more refreshed and rejuvenated feelings to a great extent. Again, it looks attractive by increasing the loveliness of the room. And it is very important for you to remain sound in mind.

A Prospective Comparison With an Old Mattress:

In course of time, the support and comfort quality of an old mattress gets reduced to a large extent. It tends to more sinking in and sagging sign for overuse of the bed. Apart from that, in short of enough support with the required comfort from the oldest bed reinforces to a poor sleeping posture, strains the muscle, and inaccurate spine alignment. As a result, these contribute to back pain.

Unlikely an old mattress, a brand new mattress ensures a necessary back support with heavenly comfortable sleep. But to get optimum service from the newest bed, in some cases, maybe a little bit delayed. So, allow the bed some time to get an adjustment with your pressure points. In this case, you have to keep patience for some time remembering the quote” Patience has its reward”.

Considering Some Factors Before Choosing a New Mattress

1. Personal preference:

Mattress choice largely depends on your personal preference like either it is a soft or firm bed. It also depends on personal experiences like either you are back sleeper or side sleeper. So, you have to discover the fact what type sleeper you are and what kind of mattress you prefer more.

2. Back supportive:

A standard mattress always provides you with maintaining the support for the natural curve and alignment of the spine.

If you’ve experienced with back pain and also are a side sleeper, a medium-firm mattress or a plush mattress can be the right choice for you. But, if you are a back sleeper with back problems, you can choose a firm mattress. It’ll provide you with adequate spin alignment and relieve your back pain.

3. Physical components of the mattress:

You have to know about the components infused into the mattress. The bed constructed with coils or inner springs necessarily provides you support. The number and arrangement of coils and the depth of the bed may vary from the mattress to mattress. So, it is almost a personal decision what type you will choose for yourself.

4. Chiropractor’s suggestions:

A specialist chiropractor can contribute a lot to suggest you for buying what mattress is perfect for your health. An effective consultation with your doctor can lead you to conform comfort with sufficient spine support in mattress selection.

Moreover, there is no single mattress which ensures the best service for everyone. Some find comfort and support in a firm mattress whereas others find the same benefits in a soft mattress. As a concerned sleeper, firstly, you have to figure out the way you sleep. Then you should buy a new mattress that is compatible with your back support and comfort level.

The Bottom Line

A sound sleep is an indispensable part of human life after the daylong exhausting activities. And we spend around one-third of our life on sleeping. Here lies the importance of having a healthy bedding to ensure dreamy comfort and required support that does not hurt the back. So, a brand new mattress with supportive quality occupies the pioneering position to relieve your back pain after a little period of time. Yet, to give the solid answer of whether a new mattress can hurt your back or not is not a complicated task at this moment. Because the analytical and informative discussion mentioned above may encourage you to buy a new mattress for its revolutionary comfort and spine support at all. To assist you in choosing the sweet bed, we’ve gathered an attractive collection in our site, visit www.spinemattressguide.com

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