• Can A Sagging Mattress Cause Back Pain

Can A Sagging Mattress Cause Back Pain?

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Can A Sagging Mattress Cause Back Pain

How is your sleep going on? Is it causing your back pain? Do you need a good support from a new mattress instead of a sagging one?

A good mattress is an important part for providing you with a comfort and support in sleeping at night. But a sagging mattress can cut you off from that benefits to consume and even cause back pain to a large extent. If you are experiencing the sleep on a sagging mattress for years after years, there is a great possibility for it to cause you back pain.

Overview of a Sagging Mattress

The mattress gets the sink in the middle frequently in two or more spots. Generally, it occurs, when a couple is getting used to sleeping on their sides of the bed. Or, there is repeatedly a sagging area just in the middle, if the couple sleeps in a spooning position.

The things leading to a sagging mattress are-

  • Springs will stop working over time
  • Memory foam will get softer
  • Fibers in other materials get started to compress

Additionally, a sagging mattress gets lost its worth to provide you with a required support of the spine and desired comfort at night. As result, you will suffer from back pain so far.

Why Will You Need a New Mattress for You?

If you find that a sagging mattress cannot ensure you a comfortable and supportive sleep rather the bed is deteriorating your back health, it is time to choose a new one. There is no single mattress built on the earth which is perfect for everyone. In this case, you can take a suggestion from a chiropractor. Or, you should figure out in what way you sleep.

If you are a back sleeper or stomach sleeper, you can give priority on a firm mattress or a medium firm mattress. Because this type of mattress will help you to get the necessary support and comfort. On the other hand, as a side sleeper, you can choose a mattress that is plush in feel. In this case, sleeping on a soft mattress or a medium firm mattress ensures you a plush feel and support.

How to Avoid Sagging?

Apart from that, when you find the sagging signs in the bed, you can flip or rotate your bed after six months. A study shows that flipping or rotation of a sagging mattress after six months can protect you from back pain. And it also provides you with required comfort that you desire at night’s sleeping.

Factors Important to Take Into Considerations

In addition to trying to avoid sagging your mattress, you have to think about the mattress’ warranty expiration or a mattress specialist’ opinion. A study demonstrates that an 8 years old mattress cannot provide you with sufficient support and comfort resulting in back pain.

Again, flipping or rotation process cannot be fruitful for those type mattresses whose durability and longevity has already expired. It will be an epoch-making event if you decide to buy a new bed for getting rid of back pain and enjoy a cozy sleep. But a good mattress selection is sometimes difficult for many of us. However, you’ll be able to find out the best suitable mattress for you by the following instructions:

Personal health preference:

According to your health conditions including age, weight, back troubles, you can choose a new mattress that contours your body perfectly. For instance, if you are a sleeper ( back or stomach), a firm bed would be a better option. Similarly, if you are a side sleeper and experiencing with back pain, a soft mattress can be effective for you.

Physical components of the mattress:

You must think about the physical components ( springs or coils ) to buy a health-friendly bed for you. For example, the number and arrangement of coils should take into consideration while you’ll buy a new mattress. In most cases, it has the far-reaching effect to ensure you a quality service.

Warranty offer:

Another important matter you should consider at the time of buying a new mattress is its warranty offer. 8-10 years warranty product can serve well so far.

The Bottom Line

As a sound sleep contributes a lot to remain sound in mind, sleep with a sagging mattress makes a barrier on the way to sleep well. Now, it is crystal clear that a sagging mattress can cause back pain to a great extent. So choosing a good mattress is a crucial matter to make sure a comfy sleep and back support. For your great convenience, we’ve accumulated quite a massive but affordable collections on our website. Visit spinemattressguide.com to pick a right one for you.

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