• Can Sleeping On an Old Mattress Cause Back Pain

Can Sleeping On an Old Mattress Cause Back Pain?

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Can Sleeping On an Old Mattress Cause Back Pain?

Sleeping is an indispensable part of human life to remain sound in health as well as in mind. We spend about one-third of the total span of our life on sleeping. So, to sleep on a right mattress should get a top priority. A study from the National Sleep Foundation shows that about 92% Americans utter-

A good night’s sleep largely depends on a good mattress

Do you know a 8-years- old mattress cannot provide you with sufficient support and comfort resulting in back pain?
Are you are sleeping on an old mattress that is over 8 years or more? Do you feel pain in the morning? Do you suspect that your sleep may cause back problem?

To get rid of the problem, now you are aggressively searching for the answer of- ‘can sleeping on an old mattress cause back pain?’

We dedicate ourselves to provide you with the most reliable answer of the topic from an analytical research. We request you to pay a great attention to the following words.

An Overview of an Old Mattress

An old mattress has a particular behavior-

  • This old bedding gradually gets lost its previous support & comfort quality.
  • The coils and inner springs of the mattress get largely compressed.
  • The bed has more sinking in and sagging sign.
  • It cannot provide you with the natural S-curve of your spine.
  • Your partner’s movement on the bed may disturb you at night.
  • The bed has lost its worth to give you a refreshed wake up in the morning.
  • In the course of time, the bed gets lost its ability to contour your body perfectly

If you are experiencing with the bedding stated above for over 8 years or more, it is more evidence that this wrong mattress is the main culprit paining and aching your back.

Important Factors Related to the Back Problem

For the mattress’ being old, your sleeping posture that does not match with the type of the mattress can cause back problem. For instance, if you are a back sleeper or a stomach sleeper but you are sleeping for long with a soft mattress instead of a firm mattress, you must experience with back pain. Similarly, in spite of being a side sleeper, you are experiencing with a firm mattress, most probably, you are struggling with the back issue.

Moreover, when you find that you are more weighty than before, the mattress getting old cannot contour your body properly. Consequently, it leads you to back pain. Again, the mattress crossing the warranty year given by the manufacturer creates difficulties in your back.

Apart from that, the oldest bed lacking sufficient comfort and support reinforces to a poor sleeping posture, strains the muscles, and gives an inaccurate alignment of the spine.

Why will you Replace the Old Mattress with the New Bed?

Now it is obvious that the old mattress cannot give you required support and comfort. Thus, it leads you to back pain to a great extent. And if you continue to experience with the oldest bed, you are more likely to deteriorate your spine health.

It is time to replace your bed with the new one in no time.

On the contrary of an old mattress, a brand new mattress will ensure a necessary back support with a comfortable sleep. But to get the most favorable service from the newest bed, in some cases, maybe a little bit delayed. So, let the bed some time to get an adjustment with your pressure points- shoulder, neck, hip, and back. In this case, you have to keep patience for a breaking in period.

What Should Get Priority to Choose a New Mattress to Relieve Back Pain?

Nowadays for many people, it is a tough job to choose a good bed from a wide variety of mattresses on the market. But going through the following guidelines will help you to select the best one we promise.

1. Personal Preference:

According to your taste(e.g. soft or firm) and sleeping posture (e.g. Back, side or stomach sleeper), you should choose a bed.

2. Spine supportive and comfort level:

Maintaining the support for the natural curve and alignment of the spine, a good mattress can present you a desired supportive and comfortable sleep at night.

3. The physical infrastructure of the mattress:

Another important fact you have to think what physical components contain in the mattress. For example, the bed properly blended with a good number and arrangements of coils and inner springs can provide you support and comfort.

4. A Chiropractor’s advice:

A chiropractor can play an important role suggesting you for buying what mattress is ideal for your health. An effective discussion with your doctor can lead you to conform comfort with sufficient spine support in mattress choice

5. Additional Talk

There is no single mattress on the earth which ensures the best service for everybody. Some find comfort and support in a firm mattress while others find the same profits in a soft mattress. As an aware sleeper, firstly, you must figure out the way you sleep. Then buy a new mattress compatible with your back support and comfort level. Visit our website to get huge exclusive mattress collection which provides better back support and comfort.

The Bottom Line

”You wake up from the bed holding your back and expressing with-oh! my back aches and pains me cruelly..”!!!.
It is high time that you realized to buy a new mattress instead of continuing the oldest bed. Whether sleeping on an old mattress cause back pain or not, throw the question away from the earth to the other planet. It is an appropriate time to make sure a good mattress for you. In this case, a chiropractor’s advice will be a great help to choose the best bed suited to your health. Now enjoy a refreshed and rejuvenated wake up with a new bed instead of the oldest mattress pained you much. Click here to choose the best bed glamorous collections.

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