• NOFFA 8-inch Memory Foam Bed Mattress Review

NOFFA 8-inch Memory Foam Bed Mattress Review

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NOFFA 8-inch Memory Foam Bed Mattress Review

Get the most refreshing sleep and wake up fresh with the pleasing comfort of the NOFFA 8-inch Memory Foam Mattress. The mattress is designed to prolong the time of deep sleep and is dedicated to improving the sleep quality. The ergonomic design of the mattress relieves the pressure from the spinal cord capillaries and enables a healthy and comfortable sleep irrespective of the body weight of the individual or the sleeping position. It lowers the times of turnovers as it molds itself as per the shape and body temperature of the person and guarantees a refreshing, long and quality sleeping time always. Read the full review below.

Features of NOFFA 8-inch Memory Foam Bed Mattress:

100% polyester fiber material that offers good breathability.

Made of 6″ high-density base support foam which has 2″ Visco-elastic memory foam on top of it.

Side cover made of grey sofa fabric which is 100% polyester fiber again.

Relaxes the exhausted back by evenly distributing the body weight.

Relaxes the pressure points of the body.

Give a comfortable sleep without tossing or turning, aches and pains.

NOFFA 8-inch Memory Foam Mattress Ratings

Comfort: 99%
Back Support: 98%
Pressure Point Relief: 96%
Good Night Sleep: 99%

NOFFA Memory Foam Bed Mattress Photo Gallery

  • NOFFA 8-inch Memory Foam Bed Mattress

Advantages of NOFFA Mattress

  • Very economically priced.

  • No back pain.

  • Relieve body pressure.

  • Improve blood circulation.

  • Hypoallergenic.

  • Breathable sleeping experience.

Disadvantages of NOFFA Mattress

  • Less density.

NOFFA Memory Foam Mattress Review (Know Details)

The mattress has two layers – the upper one being the 2-inch visco-elastic memory foam and the lower being the 6-inch HD base support foam. The viscoelastic layer of the mattress contains temperature sensitive material which regulates the mattress temperature as per the body weight and temperature and gives a cool and relaxing sleep.

NOFFA 8-inch memory foam bed mattress layers

NOFFA 8-inch memory foam bed mattress layers

The soft outer cover of the NOFFA 8” memory foam mattress is made of 100% polyester fiber material and is characterized by wavy stitches knitted fabric. The material offers good breathability. The inner cover of the mattress is made of Asbestos which is flameproof fabric and adds to the overall comfort index of the mattress.

NOFFA 8-inch memory foam bed mattress cover

NOFFA 8-inch memory foam bed mattress cover

The mattress molds as per the shape of the body and provide the perfect support to the head, neck and shoulder areas. This helps in providing a highly comfortable and relaxing sleep to the individual who uses the mattress.

Shipping within the USA takes about 4-7 days depending on the State. However, depending on the size of the package, it might take additional 4-5 days for the mattress to get shipped. Faster shipping options would need to be checked out by the seller.

NOFFA is a US-based company that has its manufacturing unit in PRC and has been specializing in the manufacturing of memory foam products for a period of more than 15 years. The company has the reputation of supplying products for various high profile brands in America, Europe, and even Japan. They take pride in manufacturing premium quality products and are not to be mistaken with the trading or marketing companies without factories which have very less control on the quality of the products that are being sold by them.

The NOFFA 8-inch memory foam mattress provides a very comfortable sleeping experience. In addition to the ergonomic design which helps in releasing seven parts of the body from pressure, the hypoallergenic material of the mattress also gives protection against dust mites, bacterial attacks, and other allergens.

The NOFFA 8-inch memory foam mattress is designed ergonomically which relaxes the head, neck, shoulder, lumbar region, hip and the legs by relieved pressure off them. The design helps in distributing the body weight evenly thereby providing relief against back pain.

The NOFFA 8-inch memory foam mattress is available in four different sizes – Twin, Full size, Queen Size and King Size.

The mattress dimensions vary as per the size.

  • Twin: 39″(L)x75″(W)x8″(H)
  • Full size: 54″(L)x 75″(W)x8″(H)
  • Queen Size: 60″(L)x80″(W)x8″(H)
  • King Size: 76″(L)x80″(W)x8″(H)

No, they don’t. This mattress does not need any box spring. You can fit this in a simple frame.

Warranty and trial period information are not available on the manufacturer’s website and you have to ask the sellers directly.

This mattress is, by all means, the best pick for those look for an affordable memory foam mattress for them. It gives all the benefits that one can expect from a high-quality memory foam mattress and yet does not cost as high as the best-branded memory foam mattresses available in the market.

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