Oliver Smith Organic Cotton 12 Inch Cool Mattress Review

Oliver and Smith Organic Cotton 12 Inch Deluxe Sleep Plush Euro Pillow Top Cool Memory Foam & Pocket Spring Mattress
Oliver and Smith Organic Cotton 12 Inch Deluxe Sleep Plush Euro Pillow Top Cool Memory Foam & Pocket Spring Mattress Overview

The 12 Inch Oliver Smith Organic Cotton Deluxe Sleep Plush Euro Pillow Top Cool Hybrid Memory Foam & Pocket Spring Mattress is one of the top selling product online. Unlike other mattresses available, this one is a hybrid. Meaning, it combines memory foam and coils. Amazingly, the organic memory foam is incredible in ensuring safety and sound sleep. It has both 10-inch and 12-inch models. The King, Queen, and Full sizes are available.

The mattress combines organic cotton and green foam to bring the essence of pure comfort. Thus, the mattress is suitable for people with aching back. With premium construction design, the mattress provides comfort, but, exceptional ventilation. It’s a natural semi-hybrid mattress that envelops your body with excellent cushioning.

Important Features
  • Pure organic cotton cover: The mattress cover is one of the premium made on the market. It gives skin perfect hugging and soft feeling. In fact, it has venting that allows free air circulation for enhanced cooling.
  • Euro pillow top: The soft upper euro top layer is exceptional when it comes to comfort. Unlike the others foam mattress; this one is plush and supportive. Therefore, it gives your body right hugging helping to eliminate back problems.
  • Green certified foam: There are no more toxic fumes and lousy odor from synthetic foams. The green foam is used in this mattress which enhances safety and performance. With a cooling enhancement and excellent ventilation, the mattress is superb for all sleepers.
  • Independent pocketed 15 gauge springs: This is a semi-hybrid mattress. And, it combines memory foam layers and springs. With independently pocketed 15 gauge springs, they bring real comfort.
Oliver and Smith Organic Cotton 12 Inch Cool Memory Foam & Pocket Spring Mattress
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Comfort Level90%
Back Support90%
Pressure Point Relief95%
Good Night Sleep95%
  • Great for relieving back problems
  • Non-toxic, green foam
  • Soft and skin-friendly cotton cover
  • Excellent air circulation
  • Fairly priced than competitors
  • Perfect support
  • Noticeable springs with time
  • Reduced edge support
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Oliver Smith Organic Cotton 12 Inch Cool Memory Foam & Pocket Spring Mattress Details Review

Construction & Layers:

The Oliver Smith euro top is 12 inches thick. The mattress combines memory foam and pocketed springs. Therefore, this combination lets you enjoy exceptional body support. Despite the thick nature of this mattress, it has only 2 layers.

1st layer – comfort layer

The top layer, also known as comfort layer what keeps body with exceptional hugging. It features Euro pillow top design which creates a superb sleeping surface. Moreover, the Oliver Smith doesn’t use ordinary foam. Instead, they have used certified green foam that is inert and highly supportive. Apart from support, the gel cooling and free air circulation eliminate hot sleep.

2nd layer – support layer

The support layer also known as the base is the foundation. Unlike the other mattresses that use thick poly foam, this one has pocket springs. To help in even weight distribution, this mattress has 1000 15-gauge coils each measuring 6 inches.

The coils are durable and provide a bouncy feeling, which keeps body relaxed. With adequate coils, they ensure body weight is well distributed. Thus they enable balanced comfort, support, and durability.


Some mattresses come with good properties but awful covers. However, once you get this one, everything is professionally made. For the cover, it boasts natural cotton with numerous ventilation. The cover ensures when sleeping, there is no overheating. Without sweaty nights, it translates to comfortable nights. Also, the soft feeling ensures no hard and hot spots.


Sleeping in some mattress is like a punishment. You need to endure the hard feeling due to rigid materials. But, for this Oliver Smith, it brings plush and soft. In fact, it has a firmness level of around 6 out of 10. Therefore, for average and lighter sleepers, it provides exceptional support. However, heavy sleepers might feel the springs as the mattress ages.

Comfort & Feel

Sleeping in this mattress brings an awesome feeling. In fact, the blending of coils and memory foam brings a suspension feeling when sleeping. The Euro pillow top and soft cotton cover ensure body gets a plush feeling.

Motion Isolation

Basically, innerspring mattresses perform poorly when it comes to motion isolation rating. But, for Oliver Smith, they have invested much in ensuring this hybrid mattress has balanced motion isolation. Thereby, even when sharing a bed with your partner, it reduces disturbances.


Support is the most essential of every mattress. But, some mattresses offer reduced body support. Mostly, this emanates from the quality of materials. With this 12 inch Oliver Smith mattress, it brings necessary support. It is an excellent mattress for a variety of sleeping position. The mattress is great for back and side sleepers. For stomach sleeper, it offers outstanding support for light people. But, it is unsuitable for heavier stomach sleepers.

Back pain relief

If looking for a mattress to give your back perfect soothing, this is the right pick. The designing and construction ensure it delivers remarkable pain relief.

The memory foam is soft and supportive which contours to the body structure. When sleeping, the foam aligns your back column preventing pain development. Moreover, it keeps body perfectly hugged and free from pressure development.

Apart from the memory foam, the coils are superb. They help in creating bounce and balanced sinkage. With controlled sinkage, it lets your body enjoy exceptional body support and comfort.


Well, when it comes to durability, this mattress is reliable. Regarding longevity, this Oliver Smith semi-hybrid mattress is average. With durability ranging between 5-8 years, it gives your body perfect comfort.

Heat Retention

Sleeping on this mattress is a great feeling. The memory foam is designed to allow efficient heat transfer. Also, the cover is vented to allow natural air circulation. Combination of cooling foam and organic cover lets your body enjoy a refreshing experience. Overall, the mattress has efficient heat dissipation. There are no more hot nights when sleeping on this mattress.


The sinkage of a mattress is vital in the comfort of a sleeper. It determines the overall comfort and body support. For this mattress, it provides balanced sinkage. This keeps the body well configured and free from stress zones. It offers balanced sinkage for light and medium sleepers. However, heavier persons might experience increased sinking especially when mattress ages.

Warranty and Trial Offers

Buying Oliver Smith Euro Pillow top mattress guarantees you quality sleep. It boasts an extended warranty of 20 years. Moreover, before you can settle your mind, It comes with 30 days trial period. Thus, if dissatisfied, the mattress gives you the ability to return.

Sizes and Price

To offer freedom of choice, this mattress is available in different sizes such as King, Queen, and Full etc. It has 10-inch and 12-inch models available.

Where to Buy?

Stranded where to buy this premium mattress? Many online stores sell it. But for excellent customer services and price, Amazon beats them all.

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The ability to achieve great relaxation and sleep lies on a premium mattress. Many brands claim their mattresses are best only to frustrate users. But, now you can relax and enjoy premium services with Oliver Smith Euro Top Pillow organic mattress. It’s an excellent choice that is worth your bucks.

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