Which Mattress is Good Spring or Memory Foam?

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  • Which Mattress is Good Spring or Memory Foam

Which Mattress is Good Spring or Memory Foam?

Both spring mattress and memory foam mattress are good for back support and comfort. All kinds of sleepers such as back sleeper, side sleeper, stomach sleeper etc can use the both types of mattresses. In this article, we will discuss all the positive and negative sides of these two popular types of mattresses.

Sleep is an unavoidable part of human life as we spend one-third of our total lifespan in it. Since the dawn of civilization, men are using various ways on their backs to get sufficient comfort and support from them what we call mattress now. Modern science & technology has blessed us with newer types of mattress to make our sleep more comfortable and supportive.

In fact, sound sleep at night is a must to be sound in health and mind. But a mattress without proper adjustment to your body can fail to offer you a dreamy sleep instead it leads to a poor health condition. Here lies the importance of choosing a quality mattress to meet up your demand what you seek in sleep. But mattress buying among the confusing variations of the mattress in the market is not an easy task today.

Among all types of mattress, the two mattress-spring and memory foam mattress with their excellent performance have occupied one of the greatest positions in the mattress markets. Both mattresses offer good service varying from person to person.

Are you’re planning to buy a mattress of the two and looking for the most reliable answer of the question- ‘which mattress is good, spring or memory foam? Then you have to take some facts( age, weight, height, budget, what type of sleeper you are and your chiropractor’s suggestion) into account. You need to analysis and research about it before coming to a conclusion.

Here we’re for you to make your study easy providing you with the most informative and satisfactory answer to the topic after gigantic research. Let’s get started to read the following article with paying much attention.

Is Spring Mattress Good for Health?

To better understand whether spring mattress is good or bad for health, you need a little try to read the below discussion.

Spring mattress is the late 19th-century innovation which we also call it to coil mattress. Because it is made up of steel coils to provide support and create a bouncing effect.

The coils used in the spring mattresses are obtainable in four different types which determine firmness and support. They are continuous coils, bonnell coils, offset coils and marshall coils. These are also calculated by the gauge of the coil.

The fewer the coils in the mattress, the thicker the spring. For example-14 to 15 gauge coils will give in easily to pressure. But a 12-gauge coil is the thickest and will feel firm.

Sometimes bad quality spring mattress may irritate body aches and undesirable pain because of lack of proper back support. Also, they do not help to maintain perfect spinal shape alignment. And, few spring mattresses can’t distribute body weight. But modern spring mattresses are capable to provide you a better back support and relieves pressure points correctly. Because they are designed with both spring and modern memory foam. Olee Sleep Hybrid Mattress is one of the most popular and modern comfortable spring mattresses.

Can these be the good signs for health? This is the question for you to solve yourself.

Is Memory Foam Mattress Good for Health?

With the advantages of modern mattress technology, the memory foam mattresses have a large numbers of health benefits. The memory foam mattress doesn’t have any harmful toxic and unsafe ingredients. Instead, memory foam mattress has the ability to contour to the body perfectly of the sleepers, wonderful pressure point relief, and proper support for the natural spine shape alignment. The memory foam mattress also relieves you from different types of back soreness, allergies so far.

The memory foam mattress is built with non-toxic materials that may be the major concern among the health-aware mattress buyers today. The exclusive advantages of a good quality memory foams are a consequence of the material’s unique properties that include:

  • Temperature and Pressure Sensitivity
  • Open-Celled Construction
  • Conformability and Resilience

The Polyurethane Foam Association, an industry group, as well as the Environmental Protection Agency both, declare that finished memory foam is inert and does not stand for a health hazard. So using a good memory foam mattress can be a superior option to keep your sleep as well as your bedroom health-friendly.

Are Foam Mattresses Better than Spring Mattresses?

The modern memory foam mattress is better than a traditional spring mattress in most of the cases. Read the following points carefully to be clear about these two popular types of mattresses.

  • The memory foam mattress is capable for perfect body weight distribution while sleeping at night. It also provides an ideal balance and relieves pressure points and also relieve different pains and body aches. And a memory foam ensures you a sweet night sleep without disturbing you and your partner. On the other hand, a old traditional spring mattress have a lot of limitation in the above points.
  • A memory foam mattress prevents its shape from sagging. Due to its being more sophisticated & modern innovative technology, the memory foam mattress is comparatively more expensive than a traditional spring mattress.
  • Because of its having vacuum sealed in a compact box, a memory foam mattress provides you with an easy delivery facility. In contrast, a spring mattress needs a truck or a balanced on a top of a vehicle to deliver it to your home.
  • A memory foam mattress lasts longer than a spring mattress. The coils and springs dams using a very short time of a spring mattress while the modern memory foam can last at least 10-15 years rough usage. In this perspective, the memory foam is good than a spring mattress.

All the above features have made them distinct from each other. Currently, a memory foam mattress is getting much popularity among people for the excellent execution of their commitments. You can check out the list of 15 top-rated memory foam mattresses under 500 dollars.

Pocket Spring Mattress Vs. Memory Foam?

Are you confused about what will provide a cozy night’s sleep? Below is the discussion to help you how to make the right choice. The two common types of mattresses named pocket spring and memory foam stand out among the consumers nowadays. Both types of mattresses provide you an exclusive comfort, great support, and superb quality on the market. So, it seems to be one of the toughest tasks for you to choose the right one out there. Let’s compare the features of the both types of mattresses below.

1. Components:

Generally, a pocket spring mattress consists of 1000 to 2000 individual springs. The mattress has springs that move separately from each other. To create this type of mattress needs synthetic and organic materials such as anything from lamb’s wool to synthetic cotton. But be careful of some allergens materials. While the manufacturers use synthetic chemicals to prepare a memory foam mattress. But the chemicals are safe and you may be sure that the memory foams are hypoallergenic.

2. Sleeping style:

As a sleeper, if you like an extra bouncing effect, then a pocket spring mattress may be an ideal option for you. This type of bed can support any kind of sleeping position. Because it allows for appropriate weight distribution and sufficient pressure points relief. If you’d like to enjoy a firm surface of your mattress, then a memory foam mattress may be an exact choice for you. Whatever sleeping position you own, the memory foam can you relieve from chronic back pain, joint pain, and muscle aches so far as it maintains the natural spinal alignment.

3. Motion isolation:

The Pocket spring mattress is the latest version of old spring mattress. The springs function of the mattress provides a good motion isolation to the sleepers. On the other hand, the memory foam manufacturers ensures it to uphold a sleeper’s body shape perfectly. The memory foam creates a mold which helps motion separation. And, it also makes a separate outline around the sleepers. Thats why, the sleeper can’t feel any disturbance while his/her partner moves throughout the night. Check the list of memory foam mattresses which provides better motion isolation.

4. Lifespan:

A pocket spring may last 8 to 10 years if you properly take care of it. Unlike a pocket spring bed, a memory foam mattress lasts longer ranging up to 12 years or more with frequent use. Check the list of most durable memory foam mattresses which are affordable.

5. Temperature Sensitivity:

Temperature sensitivity is another important feature of a modern memory foam mattress getting adjusted to the surface temperature according to your body heat. As a result, it keeps you warm while sleeping at night. On the other hand, a pocket mattress does not have this exclusive temperature feature. But a few pocket sprung mattress have air ventilation system which helps you to cool your body at night. However, there are few high-quality modern memory foam mattresses available with maxi-cool and breathable covers which stop the mattress from overheating throughout the night. It keeps an ideal temperature for a comfortable night’s rest for you.

Finally, knowing all the factors mentioned above can help you to choose a perfect mattress. We’ve made a list of few top-rated memory foam mattress below $400-$500 which can be your perfect choice.

Benefits of a Memory Foam Mattress

The memory foam mattress has become a famous mattress type overcoming the other type of mattress such as traditional spring beds. Are you are planning to replace your old bed with the premium memory foam mattress? Then below are the benefits you can take into consideration:

1. Pressure point relief:

The pressure point relief is one of the principal benefits of a modern memory foam mattress. Memory foam helps to prevent your pressure sores. And, it also decrease body pain and aches in sensitive areas of your body. It has wonderful body conforming capabilities. A memory foam mattress does not push back or place added upward pressure on the sleeper.

2. Back support:

A Memory foam mattress helps to keep the spine properly aligned by spreading your body weight more evenly across the surface. It also helps to support your lower back and keep your spine in a neutral position at the time of sleep.

3. Unique Sleep Position:

We all are distinct in our sleeping position. Whatever sleeping position you have, memory foam is designed to have room for every different sleeper. It will mold and cradle your body in any position allowing you to settle at ease into your natural sleeping position.

4. Tossing and turning:

None can sleep in a fixed position. And thus, he needs to move here and there on the surface of the bed for feeling comfortable. Many of us like to toss and turn throughout the night. Even your partner’s movement may also disturb you. In this case, a memory foam mattress dedicates itself to provide you with motion isolation benefit preventing your partner’s tossing and turning.

5. Hypo-Allergenic:

What materials a memory foam mattress uses is largely hypoallergenic. Because the mattress does not attract dust mites and other allergens. So, if you are suffering from allergies frequently dealing with sneezing and itching eyes, then a memory foam mattress can be a superb option for you.

Apart from these, dust mite mitigation, perfect fit for adjustable beds, easy to care for, and long durability are the important benefits that you get from a memory foam mattress.

Disadvantages of Memory Foam Mattress

In spite of existing a lot of benefits, the memory foam mattress has some disadvantages too. Follow the disadvantages of the memory foam mattress below.

1. Expensive in price:

A top quality brand new memory foam mattress is too expensive in price. It may not be affordable for someone to buy this luxury bed. You can check the list of some high-quality King and Queen size memory foam mattress under $300.

2. Temperature sensitive:

Most of the memory foams are temperature sensitive. You may feel a little uneasy if your body temperature does not match with it.

3. The smell:

Some poor quality old memory foam mattresses scatter bad smell that makes you upsetting. The modern mattresses have no smells.

4. Weighty:

Although the memory foam mattress is lighter than a spring mattress, but you may feel little weighty because of it’s multi-layer construction.

Disadvantages of Spring Mattress

Spring mattress has some disadvantages that you should know. Few of them are below.

1. Improper Back Support:

A spring mattress provides their sleepers a poor back support because it generally starts to sag after using 1 years. Besides, it may lose 15-16% of their supporting capabilities in the 1st year only.

2. Painful feel:

Due to it’s construction with coils or springs, you may feel uneasy and painful while sleeping on it.

3. Not Hypoallergenic:

As like as a memory foam mattress, the spring mattress cannot offer you a hypoallergenic facility. It’s one of the greatest disadvantages of it.

Benefits of Spring Mattress

Spring mattress has some benefits which are below.

  • Low Cost: The price of the spring mattress is not so expensive as a memory foam bed. So, you can buy a spring mattress at a low cost.
  • Durability: You can enjoy the long-term durability of the mattress ranging up to 7 to 10 years.

How Long Do Spring Mattresses Last?

A spring mattress can last up to 7-10 years if you take care of it properly. Otherwise, it can lose its core benefits within a short time. If you need a more durable spring mattress, this Olee Sleep 13 Inch Mattress is a great one.

How Long Does Memory Foam Mattress Last?

The core benefit a memory foam offers you is its long durability and lifespan. The memory foam mattress can provide a longer lifespan than the spring mattress. Also, a 20-year warranty is proof that companies stand by this type of mattress. A good quality memory foam mattress should cover a minimum of 10 years of full coverage. Because this is seen as the definite average lifespan.

Are Spring Mattresses Good for Your Back?

No, a traditional old technology spring mattress does not offer you adequate back support. And it cannot maintain the right spinal curve alignment. But few modern hybrid mattresses are designed in such a way that can perfectly hold your spine and contour your body. And, they also relieves your pressure points due to the mixing existing of memory foam inside it. These modern spring hybrid mattresses are obviously good for your back. You can check this Linenspa Hybrid Mattress which is great for bad back and also too much cheap.

Are Memory Foam Mattresses Good for Your Back?

A memory foam mattress keeps your back good by maintaining correct alignment of the spine. The sleeping surface of it tends to perform well as it does not force the spine to curve and contort into abnormal positions while you sleep. Instead, it allows the parts of the body sinking to do so, while still giving support in the places that require it. Hips and shoulders get cushioned, while the lower back is fully supported and able to relax. Follow the list of best-rated memory foam mattress under 500 dollars which are perfect for your back.

The Bottom Line

With an average, a person spends more than 30% of his lifespan in sleeping. Realizing the importance of sleeping, you cannot avoid the necessity of having a healthy and supportive mattress in your every dreamy sleep at night. So, a good quality mattress is an indispensable part for healthy living. And it applies to adults, the elderly, the young children and babies. A high-quality mattress may be costly. But it’ll definitely keep your body well supported and comfortable for a long period of time. Here we discussed spring mattress and memory foam mattress possibly in details to solve the question-which mattress is good spring or memory foam?‘. Hopefully, now, you’ve better understood what will be the right mattress for you. To help you with greater satisfaction, we’ve accumulated a luxurious and newly innovative both types of mattresses – spring and memory foam with compelling reviews. Try it out immediately!!!!

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